Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Sculpture portrait project - the making of a working Cocker Spaniel portrait sculpture

Another secret  Birthday surprise - for a special person and a special day - here we have the images of a beautiful young dog, a working Cocker Spaniel - following all the process from first images to final cast....

Such a beautiful expression to capture

Elegant athletic  neck - attentive pose

Just the right lift of head
 Intelligent expression and listening ear
neat nose and muzzle of the working Cocker Spaniel

"Such a beautiful, intelligent and responsive Cocker Spaniel  - I am excited to be working on her sculpture portrait " The Sculptress JOEL

The steel rod and base board have been assembled

First armature wire fixed and filled

Clay built up to the 'Meerkat' stage
Now for the long build up to be ready for the first sitting

Excuse the watermark - here the progress
working up the line under the chin, and up towards the top line 

 Working the width out towards the outer eyeline

How things look from above at this stage

Look at the difference the eyes make - only sketched in at this stage

 Love the beginnings of the nose

Now looking towards the neck line  and width

Working on the widths across the face and cheeks and  - how the ears make the image come on

Now the rear view  to show the development that has happened

Not only a dog - but the look of the Lovely Girl

 Now the long haul of adding smaller  detail

The little details  of face and ear hair

 Here the view from above and the characteristic curve of the brow

 Last details of hair and fine details to the nose -  - lit differently at the studio

Her little bit of hair on the head - unique

Wonderful times with the Cocker Spaniel, and so much help from her owner... then onwards to the mould maker and the foundry

Above is the comparison
Below the mould and its two halves

details of inside of the mould

Following the sculpture in wax

The wax showing details  clearly

Next stage the addition of sprues and build up of the investment mould ready for the casting process

And all done and mounted on a slate stone base